Barometric Pressure

Oh my heart my heavy head in sinking sand interred
Oh my world my catastrophic visions temporarily deferred
Mercury details scuttle across my vanishing point of view
Them and us injustice corruption complicating me and you

Assorted envelopes filled with miscellaneous meat muscle and bones
Raffle their moans converse contrary and take out short term loans
On futures uncertain, fabricated or downright dimwit deluded
Tombstoned and chiselled before they’ve even concluded

That the path they walk is paved in perpetual parentheses
Bracket brained in barometric photosynthesis
Roots they writhe and clutch at ankles luckless pedestrian
Seeking purchase hooves unshod inter-bred equestrian

They gallop poles apart to beat the rabbits in the headlights
To flee the night that arcs behind and threatens morning’s delights
To jump the fences braced against the edge of parapet
Blindfolds braced against the fate that threatens with regret

Trade those arms those greenback legs that scuttle past the office
Of those who hold the keys to come kingdom’s crumbling coffers
Pull those triggers hair receding hammer home the horror
Spend your gains ill-gotten now on the dawn of no tomorrow

Black this pit my heavy heart my eyes gouged out in shame
The pendulum its arc describes to cut me from the frame
And roll me up canvas crime and store me in the dark
With all the other works of art whose croak were once a bark

February 2008

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