The Cage

The wind it tiptoes frigid ripples across the steaming lake
Carrying your voice familiar echoing urgent in its wake
I raise my head from snow enigma strange to sniff the air
The call of old conflicts to raise my hackles spike my hair

But trust alone in your caring hands cannot begin to wipe away
The ancient paths the packs the plays where yet my heart holds sway
To run and run and bite and bitch my legs to stretch howl free
To see the wild and bitter truth that blood and bone decree

Your voice once more the air does ride my name upon its wave
And hesitation looking back the hunger taste I try to save
And turning back I flee the past and cast the memory loose
And bound on legs that tremble not my collar not my noose

I hound toward your waiting shape all hunched against the cold
And circle wide to come around avoid the leash you hold
But knowledge seeps the waiting meal the warmth of fireside
I submit once more my loyalty to the hand that pets my hide

December 2007

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