Dark Chocolate

Dip in dear readers, dip into this box
Of very expensive and decadent chocs
Our overfilled soft centres won’t put up a fight
You’ll love our foreign policy; our Turkish delight
Barrels of Rum for banana republics
Walnut whip crack for Falluja’s refuseniks
Caramel encased security measures
Nut-cased dictators plundering national treasures
Partake in the madness of a truffle berserker
Or a Strawberry surprise in a Taliban burka
Palestine Pralines for your Bar Mitzvah treats
Our Fair-trade coffee cups are clear conscience sweets
Colombian gun-runner, CIA lemon drop duster
Baghdad bomber, casbah nut cluster
Cadbury’s heroes in desert camouflage
Nestle double thick with Halliburton mirage
Atom bomb burgundy vanilla surprise
Sweet sugar plum and history’s demise
Chocolate orange agent of evolutionary change
DNA bubbles genetic biscuit range
And when the box is half empty we’ll fill it once more
With Black magic and milktray to cover the gore
Of dead children in the Congo, Lebanon and Dafur
Of a whimpering world that can’t take anymore
Don’t worry dear readers about expanding waistline
The future is here – it’s a bitter deadline.

December 2006


Spooks said...

Deliciously horrifying nuget...

Confessions of a Temporal Lobe said...

My Rooster (Husband) finds it odd that I refuse to buy Turkish spun wool... and a feck ton of other things.

A strong jawed bit o words you've got posted here.

I can feel the power of the tongue that speaks them all the way over here, in the middle of this star filled, hot forsaken desert.