Pyrric Empire

Sun and stars and singles bars
Runes and ruins and stolen cars
Major Keys and minor chords
soundtracks to the corporate wars
Talismans of love long lost
Pebbles into ponds once tossed
Love and lust and angel dust
Broken toys now turned to rust
Bar-room brawls and basement boxes
Blood and guts and slaughtered foxes
Climate change and jingling purses
Shopping malls the madman curses
Can’t condone the failed design
drives against the one-way sign
Smashes daily into brick walls
a barrel over the Niagara Falls
Dusted down with anti-static
lost alone, caught in the traffic
He bites his nails and loses hair
sad and lonely in his electric chair
Oh foolish empty lost ghost-man
son of son of Uncle Sam
Killer and carer rolled into one
Carrier of disease and laser gun
Those that eat at the mind’s cluttered core
Callous and clean like a swinging door
in a dream of vengeance in the sleep of lost reason
Buttered, battered for the thanksgiving season
Kerosene lanterns on the deck of the dark ship
Back-scarred sailors for press-gang and hair-lip
Plundering hoards on the sails of human skin
Nobody knows the trouble we’re in
Gun runners gang-bangers Oh-800-Jesus
Evolution revolution rare blood diseases
Hanging on hinges of the gallows trapdoors
Bloodlust for mega-pixel cyber-age whores
The age of consent has now given way
to the age of resentment; needles in hay
Wiretap wave riders paranoid tomorrow
Bottle-in-front-of-me inconsolable sorrow
Meander and ox-bow through the lessons of last year
Onward ever onward to petroleum pasture
that suck all the marrow from your crumbling bones
A hard-on for tomorrow and the pole dancing clones
who gyrate dead meat on the cusp of the moon
and reveal all they’ve got before you enter the room

November 2006

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