I Know You; You are Cherokee

The moon is the fulcrum
About which I revolve
One constant landmark
In the night bus window view
My words without receipt
Emit no music
They are:
- No carrier for a moral
- No words to the wise
But intent on the cockle
Of your waiting ear
A virus to spread

The sun is the pivot
About which we all swing
The seasons rearrange
The yesterdays we idly consign
To pixels on an electronic page
Dependant on so small a thought:
It’s working now unnoticed
Why should it stop working?

I am the centre of what I know
A seemingly stable atom
In an unstable concept
I am dust on the face of time
Shouting as loud as I can

June 2010

The title for this piece of mindfuck is spoken by the Cherokee lift/elevator attendant to Albert Einstein (who has just had the general theory of relativity explained to him by Marilyn Monroe) in Nicolas Roeg's "Insignificance"
Einstein responds by professing his understanding of the Cherokee belief that wherever you are, there too is the centre of the universe

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