Cold Heart, Warm Hands

Seems I slept through the lucid dreaming
My symbols clashed with those fields of rain
I was overburdening and unrevealing
I never got the rules of the game

You stayed up all night demanding
That the morning bring another day
Bought yourself some time by stealing
Futures from the underlay

Now I sleep through the great undermining
Of all I once stood for and all I now know
I am not the soul worth mining
No room here for seeds to sow

You work nightshift on nursery rhymes
Rather than to face the day
When all your work-wise clocking times
Leave your heart with nought to say

I’ll sleep through this numb acceptance
Of every mirror shard and hardwood shaving
Slipped from the foundry to factory fence
I’ll not scold them for misbehaving

You won’t sleep on this luxury bed
Stuffed with reminders and counterfeit notes
Lost to the garbage that'll fill your head
With promises, escape-routes and antidotes

February 2010

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