Science Fiction

Perhaps we could fly
If evolution would design the intelligent wings
Perhaps we would spend more time
Thinking about what to believe
If we weren’t so easily distracted
By death’s flickering fire shadows
Cast on these plastic cave walls
Perhaps our cynical circuits will short out on the horizon
When lightning takes the path of least resistance
Perhaps we don’t seek to live
In a landscape void of windmills
Or any other such folly
Should the iron in our blood
Be arranged by magnetic fields
To face in one chosen direction?
This democracy is a barren land
Where all is known and risk-free
Encased, cocooned in a tyranny of safety?
You can keep your talk of arrows
Time or cupid sent -
I don’t care about the numbers
I don’t want to hear another corporate apology
I don’t speak your language
I don’t want to wear those logos
I refuse to live in fear
I won’t buy your software upgrade
I don’t want to feel the numbness

August 2009

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