The Icarus in My Blood

The wind bites my teeth here on the eyrie edge
Soldiers march in time below
A multi-legged organism designed to destroy
A world that doesn’t wait for thought
To reach escape velocity

I will fly from the eyrie with the wind in my teeth
Shit on the soldiers below
Their legs march a lie to the edge of the world
And the world doesn’t think to wait
For escape from our vociferous reach

So clip my wings O Daedalus, here on the eyrie’s edge
Bar my flight from murder below
Walk my legs back to the mouth of the labyrinth
Where the world won’t wait for my thoughts
To escape and reach a velocity…

…capable of reaching the sun

July 2009

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Confessions of a Temporal Lobe said...

This reminded me of something I wrote last year. So I posted it on my blog. Its called: Our Tongues Still Yearn.

Your words restore my fading courage. Thanks for that.