Fillet Weld

Kept the world at bay
With a short-leash chain hyena grinning
Set my shutter to time-delay
And wound the tape back to the beginning

Told ordinary tales of arbitrary heart-breaking
Blew eons against the chalk cliffs of selfish solitude
On legs of starfish urchin arachnid aching
Ghosts came in angry waves of varying amplitude

Set full-sailed armadas of sinking ships
To mount anxious attacks on Cartesian windmills
Arabesques of thoughtless Freudian slips
And weld bluntly Occam’s analytical skills

On passengers bedecked like kings and tsars
Whose keels scraped reef beneath powder plot noses
And gazes cast outward to behold the stars
In a splintered and petal-strewn bed of poses

July 2009

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