Earth Mover

The system carves your souls by halves
To feed the rotting tree

Then dredges the lakes of all debate
To starve the rising sea

Of pyramid schemes where dolphins dream
An alternate reality

While talking heads feed your dread
And tell you that you’re free

But who am I to toll your pealing primate bell
Decry your sea-horse trading man-ray splinter cell?

Your thumbs in showers of dust might just as easy fall
Into my hands that wring un-sung the beauty of it all

And mercury rising sharply in your fiercely treasured chest
Foretells a change of heavy heart that beats you to the test

That measures hope and lengths of rope for a hundred years of tears
With clockwork cranks from deep think-tanks the grit in all your gears

Those talking heads that feed your dread
May never get to see

These pyramid scenes and dolphin dreams
Where heart and mind agree

That dredging lakes and eco-debates
Won’t stop the rising sea

from carving deep canyons of sleep
the words trapped in the tree

June 2009

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