Dot-Matrix Landscape Passing

Down the path of least assistance by angled dust eroded
A spiral copper leaf marks the myriad march of days
A ghost house warped in grain and knuckle knot exploded
Shimmers in the migraine zigzag hollow heat haze

Travelling back I kick the dust and grit my wooden teeth
Crooked cross-eyed apple-cored this confession confidential
Waits on bended knee presenting a glass-blown wedding wreath
Angled upward aged acid-etched and accidental

I cross the sentinel line of nostalgic date-palms sweet
Passed dust bowl dreams and muddied memories of rain
Where our names entwine in a clichéd heart-shaped treat
Beneath sap and bark concealed the gesture yet remains

And drawing pins on maps and brochures chart the lines
Of journeys on from illuminated first date palm-sweat
Through isobars, borderlines, battles beat and harder times
To precious paired fruit cello-embraced in baby bassinette

June 2009

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