Miles To Go Before I Sleep

So here I run:
From the jaws of wolves on paws respected
In the woods where words set fire to rain
To the hounds that howl at the moon reflected
In the barcode windows yellow-tear stained

And here you hide:
From the hearts of heroes hardened hectic
In the chiselled groves of marble milestones
To the marrow whispers now turned septic
In the blackened stumps of shattered bones

So keep your distance:
From bells that own your peeling skin
In testing grounds where infinity begins
To chemical baths and buckets of sin
In books that calculate the mess we’re in

And I won’t shy:
From carrier pigeons with messages unread
In the rush to communicate the urgency of need
To the hanging man who’s better off dead
In the brightly lit rooms where they manufacture greed

March 2009

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