Like Silence Through a Fish-eye Lens

Through roots and leaves the leaving routes the day behind you now
Sinking fast the light recedes through neon night to stellar plough
Where cryptic clues in package stash behind the doors of dreams
Lead you through the maze of days between daylight’s woven beams

That breathe the sun’s beguiling light in pulsating chlorophyll
The toothless tiger whose keeper caged refuses to keep still
Will drain the hearts and sap the wood behind the schoolyard wall
And exhale the night into the world where trip will turn to fall

The calculated paths of falling birds will root themselves in lore
And chequered patterns proliferate on littered forest floor
Where cats with cataracts hold court for acolytes of Freud
And long dead faces rise once more to fill the memory void

Raising dust the red rust horns of stampede metaphor
They pierce the posing purple sides of pampered matadors
Whose gleaming swords can’t pierce the myths we all believe are true
And ring the planet’s Saturn soul to steal a moon or two

The mathematical significance of hungry babies’ cries
Will solve the riddles propagated by childhood’s long demise
And cards that lie face down with all their colours calling
Won’t stop the crumbling walls of sleep from accidently falling

Into the arms of long lost friends and parliaments of rust
Whose scattered voices choke back tears that trail a line of dust
Through all that you know and all you need and all that you want to be
And wash you clean to leave you free the rising day to see

Now you return with the sunrise mind all cottoned by the ride
Fingers grasp the garbled messages cast up by the tide
But words on dreamscape paper writ will crumble in the light
And falling through the clouds will echo things you can’t put right

March 2009

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