In your headlong flight to deny the night
Its pound of sleeping flesh
You bypassed the gates where love awaits
your pounding heart enmeshed

You forsook too soon the waxing moon
And drowned yourself in stars
To grapple free of your family tree
And spend your life on Mars

But here below where time moves slow
And workers toil in torment
We were left behind in salt to find
Those dreams you never sent

But promises made and loyalties fade
In the monsoon of mystification
Leaving you high on the equinox tide
Without access to apt medication

But who are we to set you free
From the path of least resistance
When all we know may rot below
In the scrabble for our subsistence

For days will come and days will go
In the rush to reach the prize
And through journey slept, slow and ill-adept
Will we arrive surprised?

January 2009