Orion now you join the dots on your studded stellar belt
Smile the smile with teeth bared grim for those injuries never felt
Wade across the nebulous pond of velvet ripples not
Seeking yet the answers that Darwin forced forgot

Lenses pointed at the gaping inscrutable firmament
Searching deeper desperate for love letters never sent
For broken hearts caked in slumber do once more return
To questions crumbed upon the chest fast asleep to yearn

The future’s tense the cold war cancer diligent deploys
Penis pointing schoolyard full of idiotic boys
Semites align with the bully boy the better equipped to beat
Those bogeymen waiting there to batter their brethren back to meat

This macho machine a ferrous arc does happily rotate
Lubricating inebriating the tributaries of your fate
Lightning crackles veins across the blue bright brittle sky
A teardrop crystal crackling clear in the corner of your eye

A tear a tear in fabric smeared with the blood of innocence
Bullets fired from vaults of greed that raise your moral rents
In a world made square by all that seeks the circle yet to rule
And teaches ignorance in childlike chunks of fish to school

November 2008

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