Sound Bitten Camera Shy

Black ink squids across the page to margins neat
Lines blue-veined carry words like transient sleet
Gather in corners letters and colons semi alert
Crash through page-edge where thoughts desert

Headlines scuttle like sidewalk crustaceans
Yesterday’s sleaze in this morning’s breeze
Literary arrangements in mediocre variations
Litter windblown now just wasted trees

Here is the news your ears to corn
Here is the line hand written with scorn
There goes your freedom to pick and to choose
There blows your ticket your lottery lose

We of the hollow and heartless dementia
Whittled down dry to twigs on the vine
Spewing our lines like players in absentia
The audience has left we’ve run out of time

Run out of road in the rattling lung Olympics
Run out of hope out of hype out of heroes
Run over raw by the men with the big sticks
Run down and gunned down by imperial tricks

Here is the news you will discuss and decry
Here are the reasons you don’t want to fly
Here are the issues the answers the angles
Here is the carrot that the whip does entangle

Plug your ears with tits on front pages
Immigration the economy the thick bigot rages
Free hamburgers with every meaty issue
Close your eyes, let the media read you

And I spy for your packs of arse-licking hacks
Who earn their keep writing toe-the-line crap
Attack dogs once bitten twice inevitably shy
don’t hold the rights to my little eye

April 2008

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