Metropolitan Mambo

From fingertips outstretched wingtip wide to where I am
Twixt looming billboard and the words of Omar Khayyam
Between the forgotten light of distant glowing stars
And glittering chrome on displays of polished cars
This sunken city reveals its beauty; its origami soul
The place where lines of longing meet with nihilist rock n roll
Where faces fade to blur in private world aloof to interest’s gaze
And beat percussive pavement pain chokes in carbon haze
Pushing glass and steel and stone aloft to silhouetted signature
Its metro-heart does beat a life unique with conscious culture
But judging not the tide that washes its streets in search of more
To add their names and tastes and frames of reference to the core
Rise up through tarmac tinsel town to dance on stages stone
And fill my head with light and sound for the rhythmic walk back home

Sept 2007

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