Paint it Black

Hieronymus Bosch told them all to fuck off
When they came for his paint and pencils
They cut off his benefits and lower appendages
And completed his work with stencils

René Magritte painted the soles of his feet
With green apples and broken glass
The teacher chastised him, belittled and baptised him
And sent him to the bottom of the class

With bit to the quick fingernail and brick
All of the young men living in fear
Guernica depicting the a hostile take-over
Picasso don’t live in this three-dimensional sphere

Early demise for the rolled back eyes
To a crematorium corporate ashes to ashes
Africa and Voltaire and the highlights in your hair
Salvador Dali chastised with thirty eye-lashes

I don’t mean to suggest that the weave of your vest
Can be calculated in DNA strands
Or calculated formulae when put to the test
Can define the course of your hands

But rather to say that your preconceived ways
Your rules and your regulations
Mean less than your laser gun star wars death rays
And meaningless investigations

And the visions imbued with shifts in your mood
May say more than cliché desiderata
And cut through the layers of corporate soothsayers
Who would rather you lived like a martyr

March 2007

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