J'Adore Sagittarius

She fell into his arms
Like she really couldn’t help it
Having tripped over the shoes
That lurked in the carpet
She slipped her hand through
The great chinks in his armour
And opened his heart
With the keys to her karma
They fell with the passion
Of the ulterior designer
Their contact sent waves
Through the chips in her china
And the love that they made
From the grains of past fear
Grew like yeast in the spiral
Of the mankind’s deaf ear
And there it gestated
On the sands of dark stars
Blown by red wind
Through rusted engines of Mars
Whose wars had descended
On the planets and seas
Leaving the lovers endangered:
Whales; tigers; monkees
To be born in a future
Long lost to those vampires
Whose paper trail led them
To the destruction of empires
But the thoughts of demise
The lovers swept to one side
Disturbing the carpet
Leaving the shoes to decide
Whether they’d be responsible
For telling the grandparents
About the misguided policy
of nuclear deterrence.

April 2006

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