You, Me, Biology

This contract of needs; this pact of faith and trust
Deoxidant for infidelity and love’s slow rust
Will serve not as a guarantee for future stability
...or complacent reliability
Words and deeds are measured on a daily basis
Testing and retesting the waters in this beautiful oasis
The distance between your smile and my mind,
sheltered as it is, difficult to find
Can be measure in increments of hope,
seashells and talismans and black perfumed soap
Can be weighed in raw tissue from heart muscle and brain
Where blood drains spiral down stainless steel drain
You walk down these paths of future plans and current needs
Your footprints remain, your aura precedes
You shine like the moon in the firmament, the glittering night
All who meet you would own you, would gather your light

November 2006

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