Mutiny Here on the Eerie

The higher you climb the further you see
The loneliness here on the Aerie
Through heartache and pine and oppressive compliance
You cling to the ledge in obstinate defiance
of a world that is managed like dirty dishwater
Where wearing big man’s shoes for bureaucratic slaughter
helps you rise and survive on cardboard illusions
build empires of sand and Napoleonic delusions
Construct great systems of dog-wagging tails
That steal all the wind from our patchwork sails
from there self-esteem may only be served steaming
To those who rise above a certain level of scheming
Skimming approval off the backs of the fearful toilers
Whipping the drummer and stoking the boilers
Caring and sharing cold scraps of dead meat
While gorging at home on the cream of deceit
Forgive me Far Queue reader if I appear angry and bitter
Don't pay attention to this psychotic house-sitter
As he trashes the hotel room in petulant rage
And bloodies his knuckles on the bars of his cage
The hills are alive to the sound of this loon
Pissing in the wind and howling at the moon

October 2006

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