When the eclipse of mind over body’s desire does threaten to bring about the end of the world.
When the wind that blows from knowledge to nowhere causes icicles to form in thought’s dusty corners.
When you stumble from the barn of night’s dark whispers with blood in your throat choking fox fur flying in the henhouse haunting.

When the planets align causing water to rise
and those borderline witches their shrieking reprise.
When your black-lined etchings begin to reveal something darker
than the inside of your head or the pockets of your Parka.
When the dragon that coils in the base of your spine
threatens to rise and overcome all that is mine.

Then can we talk as equals undefined
by careers or possessions or diamonds mined.
Then can we see the other’s beauty unfold,
revealed in the light of all that is told.

September 2006

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