End of the World Sale

Come and get it folks!

a million dollars worth of chocolate covered steak knife
share options, tax havens, seventy years of Botox half-life
Supplementary income, a second job to match the first
another nail in the soul more salt for your thirst
iPod Eye Toy eye-for-an-eye tooth and claw
electronic enhancement for not doing what you never did before
Petrol head chainsaw Sunday morning environmental fornication
trees have to go they’re blocking our view
dead children in Africa; the eve of destruction
charity begins at home so does construction
good guys vs bad guys entertaining the nation
live action big screen reality teenage titillation
the meaning of life in five easy flavours
blackcurrant napalm and neutron
orange agent, shark fin in synthetic solution
war on terra firma drugs caffeine Colombia
capital gains and weight loss painting by numbers
new age new gods the kingdom of heathen
a free ticket to Hollywood, a stairway to Steven
Spielberg morality Mel Gibson Messiah
Scorsese fascism and Brando desire
the fountain of youth in the hall just for show
celebrity breasts and teeth white as snow

Everything Must Go! Get in now before we blow!

August 2006

1 comment:

Confessions of a Temporal Lobe said...

Everything but the kitchen sink. Heheh. "Mel Gibson Messiah" made laughter slip past my lips.