Prozac Fuck-You

Tell me again
About the songs of the free
Assure me today
I’m not outta my tree

When the music played loud
through your iPod tonight
won’t let you decide
if you’re wrong or you’re right

But there’s a moment you miss
a conjurer’s trick
‘tween the high cymbal hiss
And the bass drum-kick,

a moment that lights
the cogwheels and the springs
that lie out of sight
of all living things

Let me shout it out loud
the details of this crime;
the thing that they cloud
with politic’s grime;

the weapons that point
with empire’s greed
at humanity’s joint
where young and old bleed

and when will we free
the green sap of our labours
Diverted so openly
to the pockets of slavers

to concentrate daily
on steering away
from a future too bleak
for the cold light of day

Don’t let me be described
as a fool full of hope
Don’t let me be prescribed
pharmaceutical rope

Lithium; Prozac; Ritalin & Viagra
I’d rather take a barrel
Off the edge of Niagara
Than enter their trap, this ignorant quarrel

Immigration, stem-cells, terrorism and abortion
just divert our attention
via media distortion
from tortured detention

of innocent and guilty
from death row stitched-up
black men in the south
to the imminent demise

April 2006

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

mm Pisces: little did I know you've been hiding over this little corner....

Lithium, prozac (only once a week), klonipin, abilify, ambien - night time mix

Provigil, adderall, lamictal - day time mix.....

Niagra or the above? Well without the above - I would be going over niagra, but in a much bigger way......climbing to the top of the railing, shouting for all to see and jumping in exhilarated bliss - a phase called the mixed history ....

In other words, when I'm ready to die - I'll drop the meds....until then, I've 3 children to raise - God help me (PS did God ever save the Queen?)